Rikka style floral composition, Ref.0130

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Floral composition in Rikka style includes elements of plants which symbolizing nature and human.
The composition is created in according to the Customer's wishes.
Materials used: flowers, branches of trees and shrubs.
Type of material (optional): freshly cut, stabilized, dried and artificial flowers.
Vase: stone mass with texture.
Depending on the chosen material, season and size, the price can be specified.
Made to order in advance.
Dimensions of the composition: 60 x 35 x 95 cm
Weight: 3 kg

Production time, packaging options, methods of receipt or delivery, ask the Seller.
The price is indicated without packaging and delivery.

Rikka is one of the oldest styles of Japanese art of flower arranging.
It is characterized by three-dimensional compositions that use flowers, tree branches and shrubs to convey images of nature.
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