Desk Lamp Drops

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Desk Lamp Drops.
Made of colored glass using stained glass technology.
Dimensions: 180 х 180 х 270 mm.
Weight: 2 kg. LED lamp 15W, power supply 220 VAC.

Author's work.

Original lighting can completely change the interior. Lighting fixtures and table lamps play an important role in creating coziness. With the help of light, you can visually change the size of objects.

Here is a list of different colors and what associations they cause in humans.
Green - nature, health, luck, youth, spring, generosity, cheerfulness.
Blue - cold, calm, stability, harmony, trust, truth, confidence, loyalty.
Aquamarine - calmness, clarity, harmony, purity, loyalty, hope and truth.
White - purity, light, kindness, security, understanding, faith, protection and perfection.
Red - energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, fire.
Yellow - joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, hope, sunshine, gold.
Crimson: nobility, religion, love, affection, sensuality, warmth, energy.
Orange - warmth, warmth, creativity, success, health, happiness, fun, pleasure.

Ideal as a valuable gift.

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