Cesis New Castle 4326M

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Cesis New Castle was built in the 18th century as a residential house of the owner of the castle manor with the main dominant - the castle tower. It belonged to the Zivers family. Before of the First World War in 1919, it was transferred to the Latvian army. The new Cēsis castle with a tower, built in the neo-Gothic style, is considered one of the first examples of eclecticism in the architecture of Latvian manors. It is the tower of the castle that has become one of the symbols of the recognition of Cesis. Since 1988, a red-white-red flag has been waving in it, which reminds that Cesis is the birthplace of the Latvian flag. Since 2004, the territory of the former castle palace complex houses the Cesis History and Art Museum and the Cesis Culture and Tourism Center.

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