Riga St. Peter's Church 4006M

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Riga St. Peter's Church is the highest church in Riga, as well as a significant Gothic style architectural monument of national significance in the 13th century. The tower of Peter's Church is 123.25 meters high. In 1970, a new, seventh cock was placed on it, which is an exact copy of the previous one. The viewing area of the tower offers a great panorama of the city of Riga - medieval Riga and modern Riga, Pardaugava, the river Daugava with the port and the Riga Gulf  .
During the Second World War, St. Peter's Church was destroyed: the tower, the roof burned down, and the whole church equipment burned down. After the restoration of St. In the interior of St. Peter's Basilica you can get acquainted with the history of the building, as well as see several original interior elements - tombs, restored stone and wooden epitaphs.

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