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Pebble birds-tiger made using wire and stained glass technique.
Handmade. Each bird is unique in size, color and shape.
The height of the figures is from 40 mm to 90 mm.

In 2022 the calm Ox will be replaced by the Tiger - a symbol of change and impermanence.
Therefore, in 2022 you should not relax - you may have to unexpectedly and quickly and adjust your plans.
The new host of the year will help you show cheerfulness and determination to accelerate the realization of your dreams.
The predatory Tiger will patronize people who are ready to achieve the desired heights in life. At the same time, he is considered a loyal and loyal beast, so from 2022 you can expect home comfort, love and understanding. The water element will promote self-expression, so the year will be favorable for creative endeavors.
How to celebrate New Year 2022. To appease the Tiger, the table should be truly royal. It should be beautifully and elegantly decorated, and meat delicacies should prevail among the dishes.
Decor items should be selected from natural materials, and jewelry with a metallic gold or silver sheen. In terms of outfits, the recommended colors are black, gray, blue and light blue.
Variegated clothing, contrasting colors and acidic shades may not be to the liking of the Black Water Tiger.

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